Up and running

Pictured beside the WP Group’s newest tanker – Dan Hedges, Melanie Noel and Terry Brown – on the Magyar stand at FPS EXPO 2018
When the Southampton-based WP Group launched a new lubricants division, 13 jobs were created at the company’s depots in Aberdeen, Wakefield and Gravesend, requiring an additional 9 drivers and four operational staff.
To lead their recruitment campaign, WP Group turned to dh Logistics Appointments, a division of Driver Hire Nationwide which supplies staff to the transport and logistics industry.
“We needed a recruitment partner that understood our business and the markets in which we operate,” explained operations manager, Dan Hedges.
“On this project we chose to deal with dh Logistics Appointments and, in particular, senior business manager, Jason Crispin.
“When discussing candidates, I welcomed his openness, admired his honesty and trusted his recommendations.
“With positions advertised on a wide variety of national online jobs boards, the campaign attracted hundreds of responses which were then narrowed down to 50 interview ready candidates.
“All the candidates were of high quality and well-prepared. Jason kept everyone well-informed throughout the process and, when we needed to change priorities, he was agile enough to pivot at a moment’s notice,” added Dan.
“Using an industry specialist recruitment company saves a lot of time and trouble,” said Jason.
“It’s particularly important when narrowing down applicants to a premium list which most closely matches the client’s brief. Utilising the UK’s leading job boards, CV databases and social media we can access both active and passive candidates to ensure vacancies are exposed to the broadest audience possible.”
“With dh Logistics Appointments we found the people needed to get our new lubricants division up and running, and, having been a real asset to our organisation, has encouraged us to use the company again,” added Dan.