Abbey Logistics trials CNG vehicles

A gas fuel tank on an Abbey trial vehicle
Abbey Logistics is now working with CNG Fuels to run trials on new CNG vehicles. The trucks from Iveco and Scania will be put through their paces in a two-month trial, operating on the same routes carrying the same loads as their diesel counterparts to give us a clear picture of how they are performing. 
Having trialled many gas-powered vehicles in the past, including dual fuel, LPG, LNG, CNG and many more, trials have usually shown the same results; promising technology, easy to maintain, zero emissions and reduced fuel costs.
However for a company like Abbey Logistics, which counts every penny of its fleet costs, and rely on the flexibility of our network; the vehicles have always been too expensive to buy and their mileage range has always been too low to be a viable alternative to diesel.
But now with the extended range available on gas-powered vehicles with compressed natural gas, Abbey Logistics’ fleet engineer David Batty is asking if this could be a realistic alternative to diesel power? 
“One of my most important roles at Abbey Logistics is to analyse and trial new vehicles and associated technology,” said David.
“Innovative new technology from Scania and Iveco means that LNG and CNG can now be used in vehicles that can achieve almost the same miles per tank as their diesel equivalents.
“Drivers involved in the trial will be trained to use the new refuelling pumps, which use a traffic light system that tells the driver when fuelling is complete and it takes no longer than filling up a diesel tank. Refuelling is also inherently safe and clean due to zero spillage and the driver doesn’t need to stand next to the vehicle during the process.
“While the latest CNG developments are exciting, we’re reserving judgement until a full evaluation of the gas-powered vehicles is complete.”