New refuelling site opens this week

“This new facility will provide a convenient refuelling station for the haulage community when using our new Liverpool2 Container Terminal or any of our port facilities,” said Andrew Martin, group land and property director for Peel Ports Group
Once a disused piece of land, a new state-of-the-art facility providing diesel, gas oil and AdBlue® will open on Thursday in the Port of Liverpool, allowing up to 8 HGVs to refuel simultaneously.
“We’re delighted that our schedule of works has gone to plan and it is great to see the new site nearing completion,” said Andrew Goodwin, national bunker manager for Certas Energy.
“This is a major milestone for us in our strategy to develop a national network of refuelling locations. We’re looking forward to welcoming port users to this flagship facility and offering customers a convenient way to refuel whilst they’re within the port.
“We’re pleased with the partnership that we’ve built with Peel Ports Group and look forward to this continuing in the future”.
Maritime Transport, which will be using the refuelling site, stated:
“The site is just a few minutes’ drive from our Liverpool depot. This means that our drivers can fill up easily and not have to worry about filling up whilst enroute to their next job. The fact that fuel is pumped at 120 litres per minute means our drivers will be able to fill up in around three minutes.”