Top chef praises Olleco’s fundraising

Olleco which converts organic waste into renewable energy has now donated £54,917.38 to Hospitality Action.

The fundraising efforts of the company, which supplies premium cooking oils/fats and collects used cooking oil and waste food, were praised by Michel Roux Jr.

“As a supporter of Hospitality Action, I’m delighted that Olleco, a long standing supplier of mine, is supporting a cause close to my heart. The on-going donation of over £54,000 is truly a phenomenal amount of money and will go a very long way towards helping those in our industry who have fallen on hard times. Olleco is clearly extremely passionate about giving back to the industry and I can’t thank them enough for their continued support of Hospitality Action.”

Serving over 50,000 catering establishments, waste oil collected by Olleco is converted into biodiesel whilst waste food is converted into biomethane, electricity and heat. Olleco employs over 550 people, has 14 depots strategically located across the country, three bio-refineries, a biodiesel plant and two anaerobic digestion facilities.

“We felt there was no better cause to support as the hospitality sector is at the very heart of what we do,” said Robert Behan Olleco CEO.

“Every time we supply our customers with premium cooking oils and collect their organic waste, they’re not only helping the environment but are also strengthening this vital support network for their peers. The funds raised have been used by the charity to transform the lives of many of its beneficiaries who have experienced challenges in their lives and find themselves in need.”