Diesel – the need to go further afield

Diesel importer Greenergy has responded to a recently published report by the RAC Foundation which says that with diesel being sold twice as fast as petrol, the ‘UK will become increasingly reliant upon imported diesel’.

“The RAC is right to point out that the UK is having to look further and further afield for the diesel we need,” said Greenergy chief executive Andrew Owens.

“That’s precisely why Greenergy has been investing in modern import terminals at North Tees and Thames Oilport. With their deep-water jetties, these investments will allow us to source more and more of our diesel direct from global producers, be they in the Middle East, Asia or the US, to ensure a low-cost and secure supply of diesel for our customers now and into the future.”

The Readdressing the balance between petrol and diesel demand report was written by Nick Vandervell who has worked in the oil industry since the early 1980s. From 2004 to the end of 2013 Nick was UKPIA’s communications director where he was responsible for developing and implementing a communications strategy that encompassed government and media relations. He co-authored or authored major publications for UKPIA including Meeting our energy needs – the Future of UK Oil Refining and Fuelling the UK’s future – the role of our refining and downstream oil industry.