MFG extends its fuel brand portfolio

Following acquisition of the retail assets of Murco Petroleum last October, the Motor Fuel Group (MFG) is replacing the Murco brand on its company station estate.
From 1 April 2015, BP fuel supply will commence at 136 stations (previously 49), JET supply at 68 stations (previously 10) and Texaco supply at 78 stations. Station rebranding programmes will commence immediately and are expected to be complete by the end of Q2 this year.
“Following exhaustive and detailed negotiations we’re delighted to have these three strong fuel brands throughout the MFG company station network,” said MFG fuels director Jim Mulheran.
“Together they give us supply, price and image flexibility which means that we can maximise the offer to motorists in each and every location that we operate.”
The Murco brand
“This deal doesn’t mean that the Murco brand will disappear,” said MFG managing director, Jeremy Clarke, who with his dealer team headed by Paul Almond, now “have the opportunity to put more emphasis and time on Murco as an exclusive dealer brand.”
“We’re giving our dealer business exclusivity to the Murco brand and along with this will be actively looking to grow the Murco network with a package which combines flexible delivery arrangements and a new, positive method of offering our dealers some very attractive trading terms.
“We can tailor our fuel supply arrangements to meet the individual needs of a customer, contribute towards forecourt or shop development projects and strongly believe that we can match, if not beat, any supply arrangements offered in the marketplace today.”