WP Group – Brilliant in Business

The ninth annual New Forest Brilliance in Business Awards 2014/15 saw the WP Group win both the Sustainable Business Award and the Business of the Year Award.

“Sustainability isn’t just an initiative but a company-wide commitment to ensuring future generations are not compromised by the actions we take today,” said marketing manager, Harriet Phillips. “Through the launch of WP’s Sustainable Solutions Programme which has three key elements – people, planet and performance, we’ve delivered significant efficiency and emission savings both internally and to our customers, large and small.

“Across a series of recent energy efficient trials conducted, WP has been able to demonstrate a reduction of CO2 emissions in excess of 2000 tonnes and a waste reduction of 2500 litres with an opportunity to save considerably more.

“Having also taken the New Forest Business Partnership Business of the Year Award, we will also receive a year’s membership to the NFBP, an association that the company is honoured to support.”