£2m funding for Gloucestershire distributor

Hobbs Bros recently moved to brand new purpose-built premises on a two acre site in Gloucester.

Funded long term by Clydesdale Bank, Hobbs Bros moved from its previously rented premises to the newly purchased site in the autumn.

Established more than 100 years ago Hobbs is a fourth generation family business with a turnover of £18m, which distributes Texaco fuels and Chevron and Exol lubricants throughout Gloucestershire and North Wiltshire.

The new depot features four 200,000 litre tanks, two each for gas oil and kerosene plus 150,000 litre tanks for diesel and Premium paraffin.

The company’s 19 staff includes four members of the Hobbs family – owner Mark Hobbs is the great great grandson of the original proprietor Clem. Mark’s wife Amanda is company secretary, his sister Jane is lubricants manager with step son Chris being one of the tanker drivers for the company’s 11-strong fleet.

“We’d been in talks with Clydesdale Bank before and decided that now was the right time for us to transfer our full banking to them,” explained Mark. We’re confident that the move to the new premises will allow us to continue to provide the highest quality of service to our customers throughout Gloucestershire.

“In a family business environment, it’s easier to provide the highest quality of customer service,” added Mark. “We can make our own decisions straightaway without having to speak to a head office. I know if a worker calls in sick, I will take on their work and make sure the job is always done.”

“Hobbs Bros is a well-known, respected business in Gloucestershire which has always ensured that the local community has a regular supply of fuel and heat,” said Rob Spearman, head of Clydesdale Bank’s Business and Private Banking Centre in Gloucester. “We’re delighted that Hobbs was able to take advantage of one of the new lending initiatives we launched this year to help purchase their new premises.”