Inver expands sales at Cardiff

Prepared for the future

Inver is well positioned to meet the changes to the market expected in the next few years. The uncertainty around the future of UK refineries, the improving economic environment, the continued segmentation of the gas oil market, and the expansion of the marine gas oil market with lower regulated sulphur limits in 2015 will provide opportunity and challenges. The sheer size and flexibility of Inver’s Cardiff terminal provides the company with the opportunity to source a wide range of products from either UK or European refineries.

“This enhances confidence in the security of supply at this strategic supply location,” says Tony, “As does Greenergy’s continuing long-term position at the terminal for the supply of road fuels.”

Inver Energy has been in business since 1982 and its core business is the importation and sale of fuels through proprietary fuel terminals. While its UK operations are more recent Tony states that Inver has always been a sales-based company that focuses on understanding the specific needs of each of its customers, with the support of the company’s core skills in financing, supply and risk management of bulk stocks.

“We call this the Inver Advantage” says Tony, “and we look forward to offering the Inver Advantage to an increasing and wider range of UK customers”.