Bring back boiler scrappage says Worcester

The Green Deal needs to be reformed not ridiculed says Worcester, Bosch Group’s Neil Schofield
Since Green Deal’s launch in January 2013, official figures show that take-up amongst consumers has been poor with only a handful of installations despite 9224 assessments being completed.

“Green Deal needs to be reformed not ridiculed,” says boiler manufacturer, Worcester, Bosch Group.  Neil Schofield, head of government and external affairs commented: “The official figures tell a sorry tale, but we still believe the scheme can work if it is reformed and installers are made a central part of the sales process. The Green Deal is a great idea but tragically flawed, because it cuts straight across the heating industry supply chain, rather than working with it.”

“We need to drop the need for an assessment, which is acting as a barrier to new boilers being financed under the Green Deal. Boilers are a distress purchase and no homeowner is going to wait around without hot water and heating while they wait for an assessor to come round.

“Secondly, the government needs to reform the cash-back element of the scheme which is limited to Green Deal providers only. We need to go back to the boiler scrappage model which offered an easily reclaimable voucher.”