Will my supplier be putting FAME in my gas oil?

Peter George, managing director UK and Ireland marketing, Phillips 66
“Phillips 66 does not intend to put FAME in its gas oil supplies for the foreseeable future. As usual, we will be communicating directly with all of our customers further on this matter.”
Caroline Lumbard, UK trading director, Greenergy
“Most of our customers are telling us they want to continue to buy gas oil without biodiesel, so we’re planning to keep our gas oil FAME-free.  It is not our intention to blend FAME into our gas oil at any location for the foreseeable future.”
Neil Robertson, sales director, Prax Petroleum
“We have no immediate plans to include FAME in our gas oil. Market forces will ultimately be the deciding factor and I suspect technical reservations of having FAME in gas oil will outweigh the potential cost benefit.”
Simon Davis, head of sales and logistics, Harvest Energy
“As things currently stand Harvest Energy’s position is that we shall continue to supply FAME-free gas oil from 15th April 2013, and
shall be in a position to guarantee this.”
Spokesperson, Mabanaft
“It is understood that Mabanaft does not intend to put FAME into gas oil and the company is working to keep it FAME-free.”