Q3 2012 – oil production and refinery demand

Total energy production, Q3 2012
Total energy production, Q3 2012
Production of oil fell by 12.1% in the third quarter of 2012 when compared to the previous year. Oil consumption fell by 1.1%.
The Department of Energy and Climate Change has published the figures in Energy Trends and Quarterly Energy Prices, publications which give statistics on energy production and consumption.
The overall demand for primary oils at refineries fell by 9.2% when compared to the previous year. The closure of the Coryton refinery was a contributory factor, having previously accounted for around 10% of the UK’s refinery production, but other refineries around the country also shut down for planned maintenance work during the quarter. Consequently, petroleum imports increased by 23%.
Domestic heating oil prices rose by just 0.1% from the previous year. Domestic gas prices rose by 6.4% in real terms from the same period in 2011.
Total energy production for this period was measured at 27.1 million tonnes, a fall of 7.3%, of which oil accounted for 10.7 million tonnes. Production of gas also fell by 10.3%.