Linton goes Continental

Linton Fuel Oils adopt Continental tyres
Impressed with Continental – Linton’s transport manager, Graham Binstead
Linton Fuel Oils has seen the benefit of adopting Continental tyres for its vehicles, and is now close to fitting the brand across its entire fleet.
The company, which operates a mixed fleet of nearly 40 tankers driven by DAF, Mercedes and Scania tractor units, also transports lubricants using eight curtainsiders.
“I’ve always required top brand tyres on our vehicles, and I’m very loyal to my supplier, as long as they can demonstrate that the product and service is good,” explains transport manager, Graham Binstead.
“At the end of last year, I did some research on Continental and was impressed with the new technology available,” he recalls. “From that point, I started to specify all our new vehicles with Continental, and changed them over as and when they were needed on our existing fleet.”
Although it is early days Graham is keen to learn more about the wear rates and mileages achieved using the new tyres. “From what I can see so far, the tyres are pretty hard-wearing as their technology allows them to run colder than other conventional tyres. This means better wear and stability. A key benefit is their weight. As Continental tyres weigh less than most other brands this gives us a reduction in the overall weight of the truck, which allows me to get more product on board. That extra capacity was a big draw for me.”
As Royal Warrant holders, Graham believes that suppliers such as Continental make a huge difference to the overall perception of the company. “Our commitment to safety and service has helped us get, and keep, the Royal Warrant. Every component and especially tyres help us to maintain high levels of safety, and therefore the Warrant itself.”