The Distributor Debate

Fuel Oil Distributor Event 2012
Fuel Oil News
Invites you to
On Wednesday 17th October at Manchester Central
 This exciting event gives you the opportunity to:
– Take part in a frank and open discussion about the challenges and opportunities facing those operating in downstream fuel distribution
– Listen to short factual presentations from leading industry speakers on the issues that concern every distributor every day, prices, supply, refining, logistics
– Question Robin Lloyd, Mabanaft’s operations and biofuels manager on the gas oil changes in 2013
-With increasing pressure to adopt renewables and numbers of community buying schemes climbing – join in the debate on the future of oil heating.
Many industry experts have committed to attending, while others have already started preparing their presentations.

Mabanaft marketing manager Stephen Rhodes
Mabanaft marketing manager Stephen Rhodes

 Stephen Rhodes, marketing manager at Mabanaft, is one of the event’s speakers: “Economic uncertainty means that banks and credit insurers are carefully reviewing credit lines; putting pressure on the ability to maintain volumes and sustain margins. To survive in this market requires top-quality customer management and an ability to think flexibly and react quickly to emerging market conditions.”

Portland managing director James Spencer
James Spencer, managing director, Portland

 James Spencer, managing director, Portland, will speak about pricing. “Some of the reasons for the fluctuations in price include the instability in theMiddle East, which drives prices up, working against the weakness of the eurozone, which in turn pushes prices down. Currency is also a factor, because the value of the dollar has a huge impact on prices. Combined with supply issues, particularly around diesel, and the situation makes for a volatile market and a tough challenge for distributors.”

WP Group managing director, David Fairchild
David Fairchild, WP Group managing director
Also attending is David Fairchild, managing director of WP Group: “The industry continues to consolidate with further sector business sales and this has been accelerated by the recent mild winters. The main challenges for distributors currently are cash management and resource adaptation to unpredictable weather patterns.”

OFTEC director general Jeremy Hawksley
Jeremy Hawksley, OFTEC director general

Jeremy Hawksley, director general at OFTEC, will chair the debate on the future of the oil heating industry. “A related issue is how long liquid fuels will persist in rural locations. Currently, oil is the most economical solution for off-gas properties. However, oil could face serious competition from technologies such as wood pellet boilers, and air source heat pumps. How serious is that competition likely to be? I don’t have the answer to that, but we do know that the government is focusing on off-gas customers to push renewable technologies.

 FON editor, Jane Hughes, said: “We are delighted to be hosting a dedicated event for the fuel oil distribution industry. Fuel Oil News has served this market for over 35 years and is in an ideal position to host a series of topical debates about the future of our industry. I look forward to seeing you all there.”


10.00-10.15 Reception with coffee and pastries  
10.15-12.00 The state of the oil market Mark Askew
  Retail Teresa Sayers, Downstream Fuel Association
  Pricing James Spencer, Portland
  Supply Mabanaft
  Logisitics Chris Dalton
  Additives Fuel Additive Science Technology
12.00-12.55 Networking lunch  
13.00 Debating the future of oil heating  
14.15 Gas oil changes  
15.15 Refreshments  

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