New vapour recovery offers savings

Petrol can be saved by forecourts with Total Vapour Solutions say Petroman
Petrol normally lost to delivery tankers equipped with stage 1B vapour recovery can now be retained says Petroman Environmental Services.
“The Total Vapour Solutions system pays for itself, and begins to actually make money in a remarkably short time, simply by retaining petrol that would otherwise go back to the depot or refinery,” says Roger Bailey, sales manager of Petroman Environmental Services.
“When a tank is ready to accept a new delivery, it is normally low on liquid and high on ullage filled with petrol vapour. When the tanker attaches its delivery hose to the fill pipe and beings delivery, that vapour is taken back into the tanker,” says Roger.
By using the new system, a forecourt can recover up to four litres of petrol from this vapour for every 1000 litres sold. According to Petroman, this is equivalent to a saving of around £3.60.
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