Kan’to installation puts Finol in control

Kan’to Instruments has recently completed a major installation for Finol Oil, one of the leading lubricant suppliers in Ireland

Dimitri Papaioannou, managing director of Kan’to, told FON: “We’ve now completed the installation of an automatic tank gauging system – using our iLevel gauges and iNTELLIGENTGAUGING software The whole project was very successfully managed by our agents and distributors in Ireland, Re-Antechnology Services, with managing director, Ian Gillespie, playing a pivotal role.”
 Liquid storage applications The Kan’to iLevel console was developed as a solution for inventory and alarm management in liquid storage applications. It provides delivery and inventory reports, real-time telemetry and can be accessed using a web-based interface or by computer based software. The console can monitor up to eight tanks simultaneously, and is available with a wide range of probes, providing up to +/- 1mm in accuracy.
 This month Dublin-based Finol Oils is celebrating 35 years in business. “We operate 20 bulk lubricant storage tanks ranging in size from 8000 to 42,000 litres,“ said Dominick Purcell, chief executive officer. “We’re very happy with the new Kan’to system. Compared to our older system, it’s greatly assisting us with stock levels and control. RE-AN International Technology Services installed and commissioned the system in a timely and efficient manner.”
Ian Gillespie added: “Up to the installation of the Kan’to system, the company had issues that impacted on their stock control management. To address the problems, all Finol tanks were surveyed and calibrated in association with Fuelling Technology, so that we could specify a complete stock solution. By all accounts, Finol are very pleased with the stock solution provided.”
 Webinar with Dimitri Papaioannou: