First Mats extends oil spill kit range for enhanced safety and environmental responsibility

Birmingham-based First Mats, a company specialising in industrial and commercial floor matting, has added the innovative EVO brand to its range of Oil Spill Kits.

The Eco-friendly EVO brand adds a greener solution to oil spill kit range

With the eco-friendly EVO Spill Kits providing the perfect balance between sustainability and high performance, First Mats is delivering on its commitment to floor-level safety and environmental responsibility.

Effective and eco-friendly

Manufactured in the UK, EVO Spill Kits deliver substantially reduced carbon emissions from transportation when compared with imported products. In addition, the EVO kits are constructed using recycled cotton materials, making them both environmentally friendly and also highly effective in dealing with spills. The triple-loft construction ensures outstanding absorbency levels, making them an ideal choice for managing workplace spills of oils or other potentially harmful liquids.

“Providing EVO Spill Kits exemplifies our commitment to supporting clients in their environmental goals while ensuring top-notch safety measures,” comments Richard O’Connor, marketing director at First Mats.

“Being made from recycled materials and locally manufactured, these kits are a green and efficient solution to spill containment that’s essential in any facility.”

A commitment to sustainability

Catering to diverse needs, the range offers customers a choice of absorbency capacities from 20 to 240 litres, as well as fast and free delivery across mainland UK.

With a growing demand for eco-friendly products, the launch of the new spill kits highlights First Mats’ commitment to incorporating sustainability into its range as well as the company’s focus on quality, safety, and environmental responsibility. By offering a product that not only effectively handles spillages but does so in an environmentally conscious manner, First Mats continues to support the well-being of both workplaces and the planet.