Is nuclear one of the largest untapped opportunities for decarbonisation at scale?

Net zero targets are fast approaching, and the race is on to achieve decarbonisation across all industries.

The role for nuclear, in delivering carbon-free electricity as a source of clean energy.

With the UK making good progress in the reduction of carbon emissions, further development of low-carbon technologies and infrastructure is vital to continue clean business growth. Several green options are becoming readily available and Caroline Longman, director at solutions provider Equilibrium suggests nuclear, as one of the largest sources of clean energy, is not to be overlooked, suggesting that it could play a crucial role in delivering carbon-free electricity.

Equilibrion is a new company bringing a fresh perspective on how nuclear can enable decarbonisation of heat, transport and industrial sectors. Bringing together many years of experience in the nuclear sector their aim is to play a major role in climate change mitigation by supporting businesses to utilise nuclear energy to supply net zero solutions.

A shift to nuclear

A speaker at the upcoming Foresight Net Zero conference, Caroline Longman, director at Equilibrion states: “Nuclear energy has already prevented more carbon emissions than any other technology except hydropower, and it set for a resurgence as energy end users seek vast quantities of low carbon hydrogen, heat and flexible electricity to support achieving their environment, social and governance goals.

“This is recognised by governments around the world and early adopters are now exploring what nuclear can do for their businesses. Whether it be a major oil and gas company wishing to continue producing familiar liquid fuel products in a low carbon way, or an electric car user charging on nuclear produced electricity nuclear can and should play a role.

“That’s why we are delighted to be supporting Foresight Net Zero Live to explore the endless possibilities and share our insights from within the sector on what is being done today to enable nuclear to deliver on its potential”

Equilibrion will highlight the role of nuclear energy in the upcoming Foresight Net Zero 2023 Conference and Exhibition which takes place at the Double Tree Hilton in Hull on June 28th and 29th.

Rising to the task

With the UK government making way for the inclusion of nuclear in new policies, the presentation will cover the benefits of nuclear power and the role it can play in producing hydrogen, heat and flexible electricity to drive decarbonisation across all sectors. Equilibrion will consider how nuclear can rise to the task of rapid, large-scale deployment to meet the Government ambition and deliver multi-sector decarbonisation.

Philip Rogers, fellow director at Equilibrion adds: “Without nuclear playing its justified role in electric and non-electric applications, the energy transition is likely to be more expensive, have a greater level of risk and miss the opportunity to maximise the development of sovereign capability and jobs.

“Nuclear is the only technology capable of independently providing zero carbon electricity and heat to drive a multitude of industrial process where and when it is needed, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“Off-grid nuclear to produce hydrogen and synthetic fuels has huge and currently untapped potential to deliver guilt free flight across the globe.”