Government’s ‘Game of Thrones’ threatens vital climate change measures

The current instability in Westminster risks derailing moves to tackle climate change, a leading British fuel tech company has said today, suggesting that the chaos surrounding Liz Truss’s Government is not only bad for the economy, but potentially disastrous for the environment.

British fuel tech company claims Westminster instability is not only bad for the economy but also environmentally disastrous as it risks derailing moves to tackle climate change.

Financial experts have warned that new Chancellor Jeremy Hunt faces ‘scary’ decisions on spending after undoing swathes of his predecessor’s tax cuts. Mr Hunt reversed £32 billion of cuts from the mini-budget to try to balance the government’s books but must find billions more in savings.

Although the focus is, rightly, on the financial impact of the Government’s U-turn, Nawaz Haq from fuel tech company SulNOx Group Plc said other areas which needed urgent focus were also suffering because of the turmoil in Westminster.

It’s not a game

“We are in a cost of living crisis, but we are also in a climate emergency,” said Mr Haq. “Now we have a Prime Minister, whose track record on the environment was already questionable at best, twisting in the wind and fighting for her own survival instead of focusing on the areas that need her urgent attention.

“Much has been said about the number of Chancellors we have been through in the last few months, but we should also note we now have our fourth Minister for Climate in three years, with the last three all coming in the last 18 months.

“The climate crisis isn’t something to be played at – it’s not a game of musical chairs – it’s the biggest crisis facing this country and our planet today and it needs serious minds who are focused on the job. I don’t believe this Prime Minister is that person.”

Dysfunctional government lacks necessary focus

SulNOx Group has pioneered technology which it says could remove the equivalent of five million cars from the UK’s roads. It has submitted evidence to the Government about the potential impact of fuel efficiencies on the environment.

“There is no silver bullet to tackle climate change,” said Mr Haq. “It needs all sides working together to achieve the best outcomes. That means a focus on alternative, clean energy sources, but it also means reducing the impact of existing sources like fossil fuels.

“Less than 12 months ago, I was at the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow to hear the UK pledge to become the world leader on climate change. Since then, we have seen the High Court rule that the Government’s plan to reach net zero was unlawful and heard that plans to appeal that ruling have been dropped. That means the Government must now draw up a new net-zero strategy by March.

“We can’t wait while a dysfunctional Government plots against itself. It needs a laser-like focus on tackling issues which affect everybody, every day. While this Government plays Game of Thrones, that is not what we are getting.”