LCM Environmental launches initiatives to support staff well-being

LCM Environmental Services Ltd, a fuel, energy and infrastructure specialist that delivers UK wide services to a range of industries, has launched several initiatives designed to protect the well-being of its staff.

LCM Environmental Services Ltd, fuel, energy and infrastructure specialist, has launched initiatives designed to protect the mental health and well-being of its staff.

Operating in hazardous environments, the physical safety of staff has always been a priority for LCM Environmental, but the company also recognises the importance of mental health and general well-being. Claudia Weeks, content editor at Fuel Oil News, spoke with Richard Wallace, managing director, and the team at LCM to find out more about their plans for staff well-being.

Mental health and well-being

LCM explained that the senior management team had recently read reports that workers in similar sectors have a higher predisposition to anxiety and psychological disorders than the general public. This led LCM to launch a range of initiatives to help tackle the stigma surrounding both mental and physical health in the fuel industry.

Richard Wallace commented: “We pride ourselves on being a company that nurtures a motivated, engaged and committed team. The overall well-being of our team is very important to us and creating a supportive environment is high on our priority list.”

A new initiative

May was Mental Health Awareness Month and LCM, as part of the wider Craggs Energy Group, directed their focus into providing a safe and supportive working environment for their staff’s well-being by unveiling a new mental health and welfare initiative in partnership with RJ8.

RJ8 is an organisation that offers mental health services and employee assistance programmes giving a structured approach to mental health care predominately in corporate settings. The well-being package contains unlimited access to face-to-face, telephone or video call counselling for a wide range of concerns, such as relationship advice, family issues, childcare support, domestic abuse, and more. In addition, access is provided for financial, legal, and medical emergencies as well as mental health awareness training and has been made available to all employees and anyone within their household who is over the age of 16.

Supporting the team

Richard added: “We are pleased to be working with RJ8 to provide our staff with a highly trained and professional support network. Furthermore, it’s important we reduce stigma by talking openly, being a supportive employer and creating a safe space for our employees. Introducing this policy during Mental Health Awareness Month has triggered open conversations, listening, and understanding.”

All members of the LCM team have access to a Simply Health Plan subscription which is used to support the team’s physical, as well as mental, health. The scheme has shown that it improves absence management through easy access to GP and physiotherapy assessments, practical advice, and counselling services.

The plan supports employees by providing a programme for all staff to claim back the costs of everyday healthcare appointments like dental check-ups and treatment, eye examinations

and prescription eyewear. There is also a 24/7 medical helpline available with the platform to ensure staff have a range of options when it comes to getting the help they need, when they need it.

LCM Environmental wants to ensure that all members of the team, be it engineers on site, or staff in any of the company’s three offices, have access to facilities which promote a healthy and positive lifestyle.

It’s a dog’s life – paws-itivity in the office!

In addition to the official health initiatives, the LCM Environmental head office in Lancashire has introduced an informal ‘dog-friendly policy’. Studies show that, when appropriate, the presence of animals within an office can help reduce stress levels and promote a positive atmosphere. The LCM team have been really pleased to see the dog-friendly office space introduced and the policy has helped to alleviate the worry of daytime dog care, has increased general morale, and encouraged regular walk breaks away from desks.

The dog-friendly office idea was introduced by Richard, who was the first to recognise the benefit of pets within the office and launched the pet-friendly scheme by bringing in his new puppy, Henry. A well trained sprocker, Henry was the ‘trial’ dog at the LCM office. The feedback from the team was fantastic and, after identifying that no employees had allergies or had objections to a canine-friendly workspace, the rest of the team started taking turns bringing in their pets. The office has welcomed visits from Bruce the dalmatian, Marshall and Watson, miniature wire-haired dachshunds, and Lola the pug. All the office dogs are well-trained and friendly but do occasionally beg for food when the lunch break comes!

Embraced by the team

A member of the LCM team commented that: “From what I can see, the team is appreciative of the focus on our well-being – both mental and physical. It is great to be a part of a such a big group of companies that has maintained its positive spirit and is working hard to ensure there isn’t any stigma when it comes to our health and welfare.”

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