HGV success adds distributor driver options

Okehampton-based distributor Moorland Fuels is incredibly proud of transport manager, Clinton Mill who has recently achieved his HGV Licence. Moorland is always keen to see members of the team progress and is delighted with Clinton’s achievement.

Abby Turner, sales manager at Moorland Fuels, said: “Clinton passing his HGV test has given us additional delivery options at Moorland Fuels. While his role as transport manager means he will predominantly be here at our depot, having his HGV means we have additional flexibility to cover driver illness, help customers who have run out of fuel as well as take vehicles for services or repairs without having to take one of our regular drivers away from delivering to our customers.

“All of these things enable us a business to be responsive and exceed our customer expectations.”

Clinton himself commented: “As a transport manager it was important for me to get my HGV qualification as it enables me to be an extra resource for Moorland Fuels.  It allows me further insight into the challenges our drivers face out on the roads, and I can support them in delivering the high standard of service that Moorland Fuels provides.”

Increased flexibility is great to have given current challenges affecting driver availability across the UK as previously reported here.