Driving progress: getting behind the wheel to break barriers

The fuel distribution business is heavily male dominated with very few women driving tankers, yet Moorland Fuels is proud to be breaking stereotypes with three incredible women drivers behind the wheels of theirs.

Kerry Parsons Moorland Fuels

Kate Bradley, Charlotte John, and Kerry Parsons are the talented trio delivering fuel to Moorland customers in Devon and the surrounding region.

It’s important to keep breaking gender stereotypes

Kerry Parsons, driver of Moorland Fuel’s baby tanker, said: “I never dreamed of becoming a lorry driver when I was younger, nor wanted to work in such a male dominated industry, but here I am! The team at Moorland have been so welcoming and I’m really enjoying getting to know everyone.

“I believe in equality, and believe everyone should be treated the same and paid the same for carrying out the same duties in a job role. I think it’s important to keep breaking gender stereotypes and to see employment roles as just that, somewhere we can learn and grow and to know that job roles aren’t defined by gender.

“As a driver, I love being able to be outside and have a view. I previously spent 15 years working as a chef where there was no scenery to enjoy! I also enjoy being challenged and working at Moorlands, every day is different.”

I love a challenge

Charlotte John, ranger driver, shared her experiences of her role in the industry: “I originally applied for the job because I loved driving, and I fancied a change from food shop deliveries! I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy it at first, but I love working in the fuel industry, it brings such variety to every day.

“I have found you gain a lot of respect from people and our customers are always so thankful when we deliver their fuel. The best part for me is constantly being busy out on the road and being the ranger driver, I go to some amazing places with some awesome challenges and the team know I love a challenge!

“Some days it’s tough when it’s raining and muddy, but the days spent delivering across Dartmoor in sun or snow with the beautiful views more than makes up for it.”

A more diverse and inclusive industry

Abby Turner, Director of Moorland Fuels, said: “The fuel industry has traditionally been male dominated, but companies like Moorland Fuels are leading the charge in changing that.

“By showcasing the talent and dedication of our female drivers, we hope to inspire other companies to follow suit. Together, we can create a more diverse and inclusive industry that benefits everyone.

“In an industry where women make up less than 25% of the workforce, Moorland Fuels stands out with its commitment to empowering female talent. Charlotte John, Kerry Parsons, and Kate Bradley are more than just delivery drivers; they are role models, defying expectations and proving that skill and dedication know no gender.”

Women belong behind the wheel

Abby continued: “We want to send a powerful message to the industry: women belong behind the wheel, in the boardroom, and at every level of the fuel industry. Their story is an inspiration to young girls everywhere, demonstrating that no dream is too big.

“Moorland Fuels recognises the invaluable contributions of their female drivers and actively promotes a culture of respect, opportunity, and equal pay.”

If you’re a woman in the industry, or have brilliant women in your team, then we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with

Image credit: Moorland Fuels