OGUK responds to UK Net Zero Strategy

Responding to the UK Government’s publication of its Net Zero Strategy, OGUK has said it is “a big day for net zero and how we produce cleaner energy”.

OGUK, made the comments ahead of publishing its own Energy Transition Outlook report on Thursday 21 October, which will outline the UK’s full potential for carbon capture and other crucial greener technologies like hydrogen.

OGUK sustainability director Mike Tholen said: “Today has been a big day for net zero and how we produce cleaner energy. With the government publishing a raft of policy measures, OGUK will now work through the detail of this with our members and respond to government in more detail in due course.

“We are already working in partnership with the UK Government to deliver a transformational North Sea Transition Deal, the first of a G7 nation, which sets out exactly how we will move towards a lower carbon future. The UK’s oil and gas industry is changing and we are well on our way to an exciting future.”