Fuel supply expansion for Scotland refinery

Petroineos has announced a multi-year agreement for sole access to the ASCO UK Aberdeen Inland Terminal that expands the fuel supply footprint of Scotland’s only refinery.

The supply of diesel, gas oil and kerosene will commence in October with all products being sourced directly from the Grangemouth refinery.  The agreement expands on the company’s existing supply footprint from Grangemouth, Dalston and Belfast terminal locations with the company viewing it as a ‘demonstration of our commitment to supplying high quality products across Scotland.’

ASCO UK has been operating in Aberdeen for over 50 years, delivering a wide range of integrated solutions and specialist services across areas including logistics, fuels and marine services to the offshore sector.

Working hard to become a supplier of choice

The agreement with ASCO UK marks the return of Grangemouth Refinery product supply in the North East of Scotland for the first time in over a decade.  Both parties have welcomed the opportunity to partner together and stated their ambition to work diligently to ensure they meet customer needs now and into the future.

Peter Hollister, head of Fuels & Lubricants at ASCO Group, said: “I’m delighted to commence this mutually beneficial services relationship and look forward to working with Petroineos, and the local distributors, in delivering a safe, reliable and welcoming experience at the ASCO Aberdeen Terminal.”

Commenting on the announcement, Petroineos’ marketing manager, David Hayes, said: “We are all very pleased to have secured this deal with Peter and his team. This partnership is built on mutual respect with long term vision and commitment, one that we value greatly.”

Customer management will be under the remit of the Wholesale Team who are based in Grangemouth which enables them to work closely with operations and shipping colleagues. This ability to pro-actively address any issues promptly ensures continuity of supply of quality products throughout the year.

Many of the local distributors are already customers of Petroineos and they look forward to extending supply relationships to the ASCO Aberdeen Terminal.   David Hayes added: “For those that are not existing customers, we welcome your enquiry and look forward to working hard to become your supplier of choice. “