Phillips 66 supertanker makes historic voyage

In May this year, the Clipper Freeport – a VLGC (Very Large Gas Carrier which can carry approx. 44,000 mts of LPG) carrying LPG from the Phillips 66 Freeport LPG Export Terminal on the Gulf of Mexico, docked at Immingham Port on England’s east coast.

Chartered by Phillips 66 since its maiden voyage in 2017, the Clipper Freeport was the first-ever VLGC to enter Immingham – the largest vessel to enter the Port.
A complex operation made possible by a seamless collaborative effort between London Commercial, Humber caverns and APT/ABP – the two-port schedule saw 25 KMT of refrigerated propane successfully discharged before heading to Europe for its second discharge.
Measuring 230.11 metres in length with a 32-metre breadth and a 11.5 metre draft, the vessel is so vast that Phillips 66 had to have a new gangway constructed.
Paul Turner, Phillips 66 Limited LPG sales manager in the UK made his way to Immingham Caverns to welcome the Clipper Freeport and was invited onboard to check out this monumental supertanker: “The Clipper Freeport really is an immensely impressive vessel and equally so when on board. Apart from the sheer scale, what struck me most about this world-class LPG carrier is how immaculate every part of the ship is – considering the nature of her operations. An extraordinary environment managed and maintained by an expert, dedicated crew. They even have a basketball court on deck!”
Whilst LPG is primarily produced and supplied into the UK market by Phillips 66 Limited’s Humber facility, it is supplemented by imported propane to meet increasing customer demand.