CTS Piusi range compatible with new fuels

As the official UK agent of Piusi and a leading supplier of fuel equipment to OEM tank manufacturers, Centre Tank Services Ltd (CTS) is happy to announce that all Piusi products for diesel are 100% compatible with HVO, GTL and other paraffinic fuels made according to EN 15940:2019. After months of in-house testing, CTS is also pleased to confirm that its own product range including tank alarms and levels probes is suitable for use with HVO and GTL fuels.

This is a great step forward as, with no costly infrastructure changes in terms of storage, handling and vehicles, HVO and GTL are simply “drop-in” replacements for diesel. Given the UK Government’s ambitious emission targets, the future of the fuel industry relies on the uptake of these green liquid fuels over the coming years. Centre Tank Services Ltd hopes to see the adoption of a similar model to the Swedish one, whereby making HVO completely tax-exempt saw a 124% increase in usage.
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