Mark Mackenzie

Fuel Oil News is saddened to report the passing of Mark Mackenzie, on 23rd March 2021, aged 38 years.

In April 2002, Mark started at Nolan Oils as a tank installer. He quickly took responsibility as routing clerk and then progressed further to depot manager. Mark was enthusiastic at work and he loved football and horse racing. Mark discovered that he had motor neurone disease and had difficulty walking at the UKIFDA EXPO (then named FPS) in 2016. As it advanced, Mark worked from home for a time in 2016/17.

Mark Nolan said:

“As this cruel illness progressed, Mark kept a sense of humour during our visits. His nickname was Treacle and most of the suppliers used to call and ask for him by this name. Mark was very popular with the supply managers and haulage companies we used. He was a very reliable colleague and friend who was, and is, sorely missed.”