Crown Oil ‘so pleased’ to be crowned winner

After announcing Crown Oil as the winner of our 2020 Tanker of the Year competition, we hear from Crown Oil director, Mark Andrews:

“We are so pleased to have our brand new HVO tanker announced as winner of tanker of the year! We’re investing in renewable and sustainable fuels to help reduce GHG gas emissions produced by business and it’s wonderful to have this celebrated and recognised.”

“Brand new to our fleet in 2020, it’s the only tanker of its kind, dedicated to delivering our advanced renewable fuel across the nation.
“The DAF CF85 Euro 6 tanker features a green splash across its long body, symbolising the product it carries, Crown HVO fuel. HVO is a drop-in diesel alternative which reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 90% and dramatically reduces particulate matter in our air.

“Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil pushes the boundaries of traditional fossil fuels towards a more sustainable future, which is perfectly demonstrated by the forward motion of the design.

“The 8-wheeler boasts a 32-tonne gross weight capacity and can hold 25,000 litres of Crown HVO fuel which our driver, Charlie, delivers nationwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It has an onboard system provided by Integer Micro Systems, specialised freight forwarding software for the fuel distribution industry and Tankerbase Sapphire has a convenient Windows user interface and is relational database driven.

“It also is kitted out with audible side scan warnings, as well as rear and side view cameras, ensuring the safety of our staff and our customers whilst enabling deliveries even when access is extremely restricted.

“Created by our in-house designer, Rob, this unique tanker eschews the traditional red livery sported by the rest of our fleet in favour of a green palette. The design reflects the environmentally friendly nature of the fuel and helps differentiate itself from our regular tankers when out on the road!

“We are extremely proud of our new tanker and couldn’t resist personalising it with its own registration plate “BIO HVO” to further endorse our green fuel and promote it in the community. We hope that, this award of Tanker of the Year 2020, will help to encourage businesses to improve their corporate responsibility by exploring sustainable fuels such as Crown HVO.”

Fuel Oil News now looks forward to receiving your entries for the 2021 tanker of the year award.

With entries accepted until 31st October 2021, there is plenty of opportunity to enter a new tanker which you believe gives that added extra to your business. Please send details of the tanker with a photograph to: