Tackling fuel tank contamination

Centre Tank Services Ltd have added a new distributorship under their belt with the Aquafighter range of fuel tank water absorbers. The increasing bio content in today’s diesel means that the issue of water in fuel is not going away, and as the percentage of bio increases, it is an issue that is becoming even more prevalent.

Water contamination manifests itself in different ways, and most “water removal” products only deal with part of the problem; the free water. Free water is that which you can see as a separate layer at the bottom of the tank. Suspended water is bound to the fuel molecules appearing as cloudy diesel. Under pressure changes or agitation, it can become fully emulsified with almost no separation, making the fuel appear milky.

Aquafighter is a complete solution to water contamination; actively capturing and removing the free, suspended and emulsified water out of diesel fuel directly in the tank. By working in this way, it not only prevents diesel bug, but requires no fuel removal and eliminates the needs for many additives.

Aquafighter removes water content to a level that exceeds EN590 diesel fuel standards. Over 7000 lab tests showed 100% efficiency in water removal to under 70ppm (90% were performed by two of the world’s largest fuel producers). Testing of B7 diesel showed after more than 1 week, water content was as low as 40ppm. The untreated sample tested at 363ppm.

Models are available for bulk storage tanks of all sizes, as well as versions for adding directly into genset belly tanks and the onboard tanks of agricultural and plant machinery.

For more information on Aquafighter and special trade pricing, please contact Centre Tank Services.