Nolan Oils chooses Arteel in employee recognition drive

In a new partnership, Nolan oils will utilise a recognition platform, developed by Arteel UK Ltd, to enhance employee engagement and improve business performance.

“I am thrilled that Mark Nolan and his team have put their faith in ARTEEL to provide them with our recognition platform,” says Ian Feaver, managing director at Arteel UK Ltd. “We have a clear objective for Nolan Oils to help them recognise the amazing day to day efforts and work that happens. This will ensure people feel appreciated and valued, which in turn will create higher employee engagement and when this happens, it has a positive knock on effect for the entire business.”
“We had been looking for something creative when it came to recognising our people for their day to day efforts and when we saw what Arteel had to offer we knew we had found something very special. Our ‘Nolan Oils’ recognition platform enables our people to give peer to peer recognition and will enhance our team spirit and togetherness,” says Mark Nolan, managing director at Nolan Oils. “I really want our team to know how valued they are and never take for granted all the good work they do.”
The recognition platform provided by Arteel will be branded for Nolan Oils and will enable peer to peer recognition to take place. The main focus for the platform will be Nolan Oils company core values, so that employees can give and receive recognition for the behaviours that align with these values. Frequent recognition will not only help the team feel more valued and engaged, but it will encourage the right behaviours that lead to better business outcomes.