Farewell to an editor extraordinaire

Jane Raphael
Getting on top of the industry’s stories, Jane has travelled extensively across the UK and Ireland in search of interesting industry news and hot topics
After 21 years working on Fuel Oil News and having produced over 250 quality issues, Jane Raphael will be leaving her role as editor at Ashley & Dumville Publishing at the end of March where she has also been the editor of Oil Installer, another A&D publication, for 12 years.
Jane has been the face and heart of Fuel Oil News for half of the publication’s 42 years in existence and Nick Smith, managing director of A&D publishing commented:
“James Smith, the founder of Fuel Oil News, always expressed how lucky he felt to have Jane as editor. I too, have a huge amount of appreciation for the commitment she has given to A&D and the passion she has shown for telling the story of the fuel distribution business.”
Jane commented:
“It has been an interesting 21 years. Oil is a global product, one which touches everyday life for almost everyone on the planet, and there’s always a story to tell. It has been an absolute privilege to meet so many interesting people who work in this fascinating industry, to build relationships and to share their news with Fuel Oil News readers.”
Jane will continue in a consultancy role with us until early July and will also be attending the UKIFDA EXPO in Liverpool in June where, she says: “I will look forward very much to seeing many familiar industry faces.”
From April 1st communications should be directed to Margaret Major, publisher/managing editor. and Stephanie Samuel, content editor