Statistics demonstrate downstream oil’s vital role

UKPIA statistical review
Earlier this month, UKPIA published its annual review of the downstream oil industry. The Statistical Review 2019, which UKPIA has published since 2003, is a comprehensive and accessible compilation of UK downstream oil industry statistics. It draws together recent information on the sector from across a range of sources including government departments and UKPIA members.

Key statistics this year include:

  • £39.4 billion was collected in tax from road fuel duty and VAT in 2018, the highest amount over the last decade.
  • The UK continues to be an overall importer of petroleum products, though it is a net exporter of surplus gasoline products.
  • There continues to be an increase in the miles driven in the UK, but overall vehicle sales have dropped with diesel vehicles experiencing a sharp fall, however, there is growth in sales of petrol and alternative fuelled vehicles.

Launching the 2019 Statistical Review, UKPIA’s director-general, Stephen Marcos Jones, said:
“We have looked to refresh the format, but the information and statistics it contains continue to provide the ultimate one-stop reference point for those with an interest in our sector.
Earlier this year we published, with Oxford Economics, an assessment of the economic impact of the whole of the downstream oil sector. This annual review builds on that work and reminds us of the vital role our sector continues to play in the UK. As focus turns to achieving the UK’s net-zero ambitions, the UKPIA Statistical Review reminds us too of the significant environmental improvements that have been and can continue to be made by this sector.”
For an electronic version of the 2019 edition of the Statistical Review, click here.
A hard copy is available on request from the UKPIA Press Office.