Taking part in Road Safety Week

This year’s Road Safety Week has the theme of Speed Down Save Lives. Co-ordinated annually by Brake, the road safety charity, it is the UK’s biggest road safety event.

Road Safety Week seeks to inspire thousands of companies, organisations and communities to take action on road safety and promote life-saving messages during the Week (20-26 November) and beyond.

The aim of this year’s Speed Down Save Lives is to raise awareness about the dangers of driving too fast, especially around schools, homes and shops, and to focus on the positives of keeping your Speed Down so kids can walk and cycle safely.

To register for Road Safety Week 2017 go to where you can register to receive a free online action pack and other resources.

On Wednesday 22 November 2017 Brake will be running a crisis response training course. This course will look at the procedures an organisation should have in place to provide appropriate support following a road crash or other sudden, violent event.