Phillips 66 makes real-time investment

Phillips 66 has invested in DTN TABS® at its core terminal locations. DTN TABS is a live online product allocation system that provides suppliers, like Phillips 66, with real-time credit and product allocation management capabilities.
Customers also have access to their account details in DTN TABS. This shared portal improves communication between the parties and enables more effective and efficient customer transport scheduling.
“A lack of up-to-date information or inflexible systems can potentially lead to customers incurring higher costs associated with extended waiting times at terminals, wasted trips, more administration from frequent phone calls to terminals and confusion around product allocations or available credit,” explained wholesale business manager, Mark Todd.
“To address these issues and give our customers the information needed to put them in control, we introduced the DTN TABS system at our core UK terminals a few years ago.”
DTN TABS uses a handy traffic light system, enabling Phillips 66 customers to clearly see what product is available. The system is updated within minutes once drivers lift product from Phillips 66 terminals so the data held is accurate and this live feed clearly shows what is available at any given time.

“Being able to change our allocations at any time of day or night is very useful,” says Will Merrick, regional manager at NWF Fuels

Monthly product allocations are based on the forecast that customers have agreed with their dedicated Phillips 66 account teams. This monthly figure is then used to create daily, weekly and monthly lifting limits, with appropriate percentage uplifts above forecast.
If customers need to request additional volume, they simply fill in a short online form which takes less than a minute to complete. Phillips 66 aims to respond to all requests within 30 minutes and as soon as the confirmation e-mail is received, customers are able to lift the requested additional volume.
Given the sensitive nature of the data held on DTN TABS, the system has been designed to protect confidential information by using customised views with three different levels of access. Customers are also able to set up email or text alerts so they can be alerted when an allocation is nearly exhausted or credit limits are reached.
“Thanks to DTN TABS, our customers have access to real-time updates on lifting limits and loading data,” added Mark.
“With daily fuel prices also accessible via the secure My Phillips 66 portal or smartphone app, it puts customers in control and enables them to make more informed decisions about their trucking operations.”
“One of the key benefits of DTN TABS is that it offers full visibility on your allocation levels,” said Will Merrick, regional manager at NWF Fuels.
“This is particularly useful when you’re running multi-depot operations. Another advantage is the ability to increase allocation requirements 24/7 via the My Phillips 66 app.
“With some of our other suppliers, if a driver arrives at 6pm and needs to request additional product, his request wouldn’t be processed until the following morning when ordering reopens. Being able to change our allocations at any time of day or night is very useful.”