Certified quality assurance for Irish fuel retailers and consumers

The IPRA quality assurance scheme is the only motor fuel QA scheme in Ireland to have received trade mark certification
The Irish Petrol Retailers Association (IPRA) has recently confirmed that its Quality Assurance Scheme (QA) for petrol retailers has received trade mark certification.
“We’re delighted with this news,” said David Blevings, IPRA spokesperson.
“The IPRA quality assurance scheme is the only motor fuel QA scheme in Ireland to have received trade mark certification. The QA scheme will now be rolled out to stations across the country giving consumers the satisfaction in knowing that retailers displaying the blue and green Quality Assurance logo are part of an accredited scheme that includes initial entry and random testing to ensure fuel quality.”
The scheme was reviewed and approved by the Department of Jobs, Innovation and Enterprise and the Irish Patents Office.
The addition of the trade mark will increase consumer satisfaction in this area and encourage fuel suppliers to get on board so their consumers purchase with complete confidence.
“Fuel adulteration can take different forms and in recent years, the most common form of adulteration was to remove the dye from agricultural gasoil and sell this as road diesel,” said David.
“This caused damage to many car engines and resulted in large scale waste being dumped at the roadside from the industrial process used. Many innocent consumers were caught out and were victims of this fuel adulteration scandal with many having to pay thousands of euros for car engine repairs. The introduction of a new marker by Revenue has reduced this problem but fuel adulteration can still be an issue with ‘designer’ fuels now being found in the UK and Ireland”, claims David.
Welcoming the news Paul Turner, head of legal metrology at the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) said:
“NSAI is responsible for ensuring that fuel pumps dispense the correct amount of fuel when a customer fills their vehicle at a retail station. We do this through the authorised verifier’s scheme. We welcome the news that the IPRA QA scheme has received trade mark verification and support any initiative that gives consumers assurance on fuel quality. Together NSAI and IPRA can provide your customers with the confidence they need.”
“The message to consumers is clear – make sure you are using a retailer who is part of a Quality Assurance Scheme. Look for the blue and green Quality Assurance logo on the pump before you refill.
“The IPRA scheme has achieved trade mark certification and the backing of the Society of the Irish Motor Industry, the Irish Small and Medium Enterprises Association, Small Firms Association and the Irish Road Haulage Association.
“Consumers looking to locate their nearest retailer taking part in the IPRA QA scheme can search our retailer map on,” added David.