Morris Lubricants fuels the Ice Bear

Team manager Andy Miller (l) with driver Mike Simmons with the Ice Bear during their visit to Morris Lubricants
Morris Lubricants has paired up with the world’s most powerful motorsport – tractor pulling. Totally rebuilt last year, the Bear Essential’s Ice bear was originally built in 1996 and is based on a 160hp Valtra tractor with wheel speeds of 90kmh.
Last season Ice Bear, which runs on diesel, was unbeaten in UK competition and finished fourth in the European championships.
Tractor pulling is simple – take one skilfully modified tractor and try to drag an increasingly heavy sledge as far as possible – up to 60 tonnes down a 100m track in 10 seconds!
To get over the line every inch of the tractor must perform to its maximum. The main product used in the Ice Bear is Morris Lubricants Versimax HD3 20W-50 diesel engine oil.
“Morris Lubricants has helped us grow and improve as a team to compete at the very top level of the Prostock class in UK and European competition,” said team manager Andy Miller.
“It’s incredible to see the sheer power of the tractor, a real achievement of human endeavour,” said Andrew Goddard, Morris Lubricants managing director.
“This is another example of how well our products perform in the agricultural market one of our key sectors, especially when they are put to the ultimate test like this.”