HOYER Petrolog extends agreement with Rontec

‘Rontec is delighted to have extended its relationship with Hoyer which now delivers fuel to all Rontec service stations throughout the UK,’ says Tom Cookson, Rontec’s director of fuels
HOYER Petrolog has extended its agreement with Rontec to supply circa 200 of the company’s forecourts across the UK through to September 2021.
“Rontec has been a major customer of HOYER Petrolog since 2012 and this new contract is a sign of the strong long-standing relationship between our two companies,” said Allan Davison, operations director for Hoyer Petrolog UK.
As well as the existing contract term being extended, Rontec has added 18 additional sites to its network in the Midlands and North West which will require the HOYER Petrolog fleet to collect fuel from the Valero terminals in Kingsbury and Manchester. These additional sites will be the first Texaco-branded forecourts Hoyer has supplied in the UK.
Allan Davison added: “This growth is fantastic for the Petrolog fleet and continues to show that improving our flexibility and agility in a changing market place helps us to secure long-term business and ensure job security for all of our employees.”