FPS gets ready for winter

The Federation of Petroleum Suppliers has once again launched a campaign to encourage the 1.25m homeowners who use heating oil to be prepared for winter and order heating oil while prices are low.

It now costs just £750 per annum (pa) to heat a typical three-bedroom home with a condensing oil boiler according to the latest figures from Sutherland Tables, the independent provider of comparative home heating costs.

“Even with a conventional boiler, that’s nearly half the cost of the nearest alternative,” said Mark Askew, FPS chief executive.

“If you use LPG the average per annum cost is £1386, electricity is £1600 and traditional gas heating £967. This means that an oil condensing boiler is also substantially cheaper to run than any renewable heating option – wood pellets cost £1339 and air source heat pump radiators £1453.”

Now in its fourth year, the campaign, which is run in conjunction with the government, Citizens Advice Bureau and Action with Communities in Rural England, urges householders to check oil tanks and heating equipment before the weather turns colder and journeys can become more problematic.

“Heating oil is the cheapest form of energy right now and has been since January 2015. FPS is keen for consumers to make the most of oil prices by buying before winter arrives and to plan for ways to reduce energy costs during the colder months,” added Mark.

The campaign advices using an OFTEC registered technician to fix any problems as soon as possible.