Fluid Oil – meeting strategic objectives

Gerald Malone at Thames Enterprise Park has considerable experience of energy at government level
Gerald Malone at Thames Enterprise Park, the new chairman has considerable experience of energy at government level
Recently appointed as chairman and director of Fluid Oil, Gerald Malone is ‘fleshing out’ the  company’s strategic objectives with the goal of a market listing in three to five years.
Based at Thames Enterprise Park on the site of the former Coryton refinery,  Fluid Oil has successfully commissioned its latest Viscositor heavy oil upgrading demonstration reactor. This has replicated and surpassed the work completed on the reactors commissioned at the SINTEF Research Centre in Norway. Commercial plants are now being planned for the UK and other key heavy oil countries.
The 25-barrel per day demonstration plant conducted a number of tests including upgrading a 6API Orinoco crude to 25.5API at a liquid yield of 93.5%. The plant will now be used to undertake customer tests and provide engineering data required to build the first commercial plants which will be able to upgrade between 500bpd to 1,000bpd.
Viscositor – Fluid Oil’s environmentally friendly technology is predicted to process heavy crudes and dirty oils for between $2 to $5 /bbl with CAPEX of around 25% of the cost of traditional technologies.

Gerald Malone

Malone, a solicitor by profession, served two terms as an MP for Aberdeen South from 1983 to 1987 and 1992 to 1997.  He was a member of the House of Commons Energy Select Committee, a Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) at the Department of Energy, PPS to the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, then a government whip from 1986 to 1987 in Margaret Thatcher’s government.
He has been Scottish editor of The Sunday Times, a current affairs columnist, served on a variety of company boards and was a presenter of business and current affairs programmes on BBC Radio and Radio Clyde.  From 1988 to 1991 he was director of European Affairs at the Energy and Environmental Policy Center at the John F Kennedy School of Government, Harvard.