Transporting AdBlue

Turners (Soham) has recently taken delivery of new units and trailers for its exclusive contract with GreenChem.

The Turners/GreenChem fleet now consists of 10 tankers, three of which are totally branded as GreenChem vehicles.

Although GreenChem does use other haulage companies to deliver bulk AdBlue to its telemetry managed AdBlue tanks, Turners operate the lion’s share of the fleet.

Vehicles are located throughout the UK optimising the logistics and collections from any one of the eight AdBlue manufacturing locations which GreenChem employs.

“GreenChem has been working in a symbiotic relationship with Turners for over five years, supplying over a one million litres a year to Turners’ operational locations,” said GreenChem’s managing director, Chris Haynes.

“Over this period, our working relationship has blossomed with both companies growing rapidly to maintain the demand for bulk AdBlue.

A typical trip for a driver will involve up to ten individual drops per trip with an average of four trips undertaken each week. Each tanker can load a maximum of 26,000 litres due to the weight of AdBlue which at 1.09 kg/litre is 30% heavier than diesel.

“Working with Turners has helped GreenChem deliver its promise. Turners know the haulage industry and are keen to ensure vehicles are reliable and that drivers are happy in their work. A driver’s attitude is so important in this type of multi-drop operation as they’re GreenChem’s eyes and ears. We actively encourage their feedback with drivers encouraged to ring me at anytime,” said Chris.