Team support at Brogan Fuels

The Falkirk team, which is named after the silverback gorilla, hopes the connection with such a powerful species will resonate in their performance during the coming season
Brogan Fuels has agreed a two-year sponsorship deal with the Falkirk Silverbacks Australian Rules football team
“It’s important that we support clubs in the area where we work, which we try to do where we can,” said Brogan Fuels general manager Gerry Paice.

Alongside the Silverback brand, Brogan Fuels now features on the team’s kit and training bags.

“Australian rules football is becoming a popular sport in the area and we’ve got a member of staff who’s a member of the team; so when he’s not working, he’s also out doing his bit to promote the Brogan’s brand!

The Australian Rules football league (AFL) now has a strong following in Scotland which has a five-team league – Glasgow Sharks, Glasgow Giants, Kingdom Kangaroos, Edinburgh Bloods and Falkirk Silverbacks. The AFL sport is a mix of rugby and football with its own unique blend of rules.

The team competes all over Europe in competitive and ambassadorial Australian football matches and, individual players from the club regularly compete at home and abroad whilst playing for the Scottish national team, The Clansmen.