Will the government give logistics the attention it deserves?

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) is writing to members of the new government requesting the opportunity to discuss issues outlined in its logistics manifesto, and its wider ambitions for UK logistics.

In its Logistics Manifesto 2015, FTA said that the freight industry requires better support from government, and set out key issues which need addressing– including a cut in fuel duty; addressing skills shortages and recruiting professional drivers; and ensuring UK’s infrastructure networks (including airport capacity) are capable of meeting freight needs.
Stressing the importance of logistics to the economy
The FTA is urging David Cameron and his new government to recognise the importance of logistics which is crucial to keeping the people of Britain supplied with essential goods they need, adding that to overlook its needs would be failing the industry and the economy.
FTA has said that the new government will have a “real challenge” ahead in ensuring the economy can continue to recover, stating that logistics has a key role to play in this.
“Mr Cameron’s new government needs to ensure that logistics is given the attention it deserves,” said Karen Dee, director of policy
“Its policies must ensure the industry can be as efficient and effective as possible in support of businesses and consumers in the UK.  Our objective is to ensure that the UK has a safe, efficient and sustainable supply chain, and we sincerely hope that the new government will support us in these goals.”