Research into new marine lubricants

Earlier this month Total Lubmarine opened new laboratory facilities near Lyon in France. The new facilities are dedicated to the research and formulation of new marine lubricants.

Equipped with state of the art equipment to support the research team’s quest to develop the next generation of lubes for the shipping sector, the move comes against a backdrop of changing ECA regulations and the development of marine engines with several operating modes, capable of burning two types of fuel.

The lubes required to keep these engines running are more complex than ever before and the new facilities will enable Total Lubmarine researchers to develop a new range of lubricants suitable for the challenges of the next 10 years.

“We are re-imagining the lubes of today,” said Norbert Schieren, general manager of Total Lubmarine. “We are developing lubes suitable for the stresses and strains of the marine environment: whatever the fuel and whatever the engine.

“We strongly believe that innovative, research-based chemistry is the key to creating adaptable lubricants. The next generation of lubricants must be born out of innovative chemistry if they are to be simple for operators to use and at the same time match tough and variable operating conditions.”

The spacious new facilities include engine testing and tribology equipment, along with significant analytical resources. All existing test beds have been extensively re-built and modernised and meet the most stringent safety and quality regulations.