British fuel tech company deal targets environmental impact of marine sector

Fuel tech company SulNOx Group Plc has strengthened its position in the marine sector through a new deal with a leading manufacturer of commercial boats.

Fuel tech company SulNOx Group Plc strengthens its position in the marine sector through a deal with a commercial boat manufacturer for distribution of fuel conditioners

Coastal Workboats (CWB) will distribute fuel conditioners developed by SulNOx Group in partnership with independent sales organisation RemNOx and has already purchased RemNOx Eco Conditioner products – licensed versions of SulNOxEco™️ Fuel Conditioner products.

Based in Exeter and Oban and with a planned new shipyard on the River Clyde, Glasgow, CWB is a leading UK based builder of commercial steel and aluminium workboats. The company also provides engineering support to the commercial workboat and marine sector through Coastal Workboats Support Services.  It has a strong presence in the marine fishing sector and also has links in the retail, road transport and agricultural sectors.

Viable solution for ageing fleets

Nawaz Haq, executive director at SulNOx Group, said: “We are experiencing strong demand from the marine sector following impressive results from both clients and academia. Having such established technical marine specialists as CWB recognise that our green technologies can help solve real problems and challenges, such as diesel bug, adds further weight still.

“Given that a single CWB specialty vessel can have a fuel capacity of around.160,000 litres, and with Fishing vessels also consuming large volumes of fuel, we also expect significant sales in the near future.

“Half of the UK’s fishing fleet is over 30 years old, and the sector needs to urgently reduce its environmental impact. SulNOx products offer viable and scalable green solutions for all marine engines, reducing fuel consumption and emissions by improving combustion and improving operational and technical efficiencies.”

Immediate positive impact

Brian Pogson, managing director of CWB, said: “The RemNOx fuel conditioner product range has been proven to improve consumption figures significantly and hence also reduces emissions. This fits with our ethos of working with technologies that have a positive environmental impact and hence we welcomed the opportunity to collaborate with RemNOx.  

“Whilst there are many technologies under development that aim to contribute to the move towards net zero, we also need to be aware of products that can have an immediate positive impact on existing combustion engine performance which the RemNOx fuel conditioner range does. We are excited to get this partnership under way and make the RemNOx range available to our customers from late August from both our bases in Devon and Argyll and from our mobile support vehicles.”

Khalid Sabri, CEO of RemNOx, added: “We are so pleased to welcome CWB to our family of contracted, front-line representatives. The professionalism, experience and in-depth knowledge that they bring to the table will also provide reliable and dependable representations for our products and methodologies. CWB’s reputation and strong ties with their numerous clients will deliver new and expanding opportunities for further deployment of the green technology, with every client becoming another positive step towards removing pollution from our lives and saving fuel and maintenance costs at the same time.”