Reducing the cost of decommissioning

5 Reducing the cost of decommissioning
The results of a major study to look at ways to reduce the cost of decommissioning will be unveiled in Aberdeen on 27th May.
The study, which is being conducted by ABB Consulting on behalf of Decom North Sea and Zero Waste Scotland, aims to improve the efficiency of future decommissioning activity and to identify decommissioning solutions which encompass re-use and thereby contribute to the circular economy approach for maximising the useful life of assets.
The  study is engaging with operators on the benefits of different techniques available such single lift, piece small, salvage and load transfer.  ABB Consulting, which has more than 30 years’ experience in demolition and decommissioning services, will seek to identify the barriers and uncertainties in using these methods and establish who in the industry is offering solutions using such techniques.
Jonathan Turner, senior project manager at ABB Consulting, said:  This type of research will provide a much-needed authoritative overview of what’s happening in the sector and operator concerns in relation to decommissioning.  As an industry we need to take steps to understand the challenges, overcome the barriers and establish cost-saving solutions. ABB Consulting has been gathering extensive information on innovative methods and technologies being used to minimise preparation for lift, optimise module separation and offer faster deck to deck jacket cutting technology.”