Around the clock fuel monitoring

Cameron Forecourt has supplied a new centralised fuelling system to significantly overhaul all aspects of one client’s fuelling operations.

The new system has amalgamated three separate fuelling sites, operated by waste management and recycling specialist, Chambers Waste Group where existing Optima PC units have been upgraded to the Jigsaw Eclipse fuel management system to allow complete, real time management and monitoring of fuel supplies. Three OLE tank gauge systems have also been installed.

High accuracy electronic gauging provides instant information on fuel stock levels, remaining tank capacity and ullage. Fuel drawings monitored by the Eclipse system can then be reconciled against fuelling from the tanks.

Chambers Waste, which operates a fleet of 55 operational vehicles, spends in excess of £1 million per annum on fuel.

Cameron Forecourt sales and marketing director Martyn Gent: “We’ve implemented a system at Chambers Waste which brings together what were three separate sites. Fuelling can take place at any time of day or night. The integrated package allows the customer to keep a constant check on fuel movements, stock levels, and consumption, providing complete and accurate wetstock reconciliation around the clock.”