Tanker driver passports exceed 5,800

The Downstream Oil Industry Distribution Forum (DODF) has announced that more than 5,800 Petroleum Driver Passports have now been issued by the scheme manager, Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA). Once all drivers have completed their current training, it is estimated that at least 6,500 drivers will hold the qualification.
PDP has been developed by the DODF to cover those elements of knowledge and skill required by a petroleum tanker driver that are not covered by the current ADR scope. It includes an assessment of practical ability and has been designed to sit alongside existing ADR and CPC requirements with employers having the flexibility to run the training either concurrently or separately.
Implemented in 2014, PDP was designed to have an annual refresher element so that drivers are not just trained and assessed once every five years. To maintain the validity of their PDP, drivers must undergo annual classroom training and pass a practical assessment, both of which are then registered with the Scottish Qualifications Authority.
The DODF chair, Peter Oakford, commented: “Achieving this milestone is a testament not only to the focus on safety by the professional drivers and transportation companies within the UK, but to the benefits it bring to our industry in ensuring consistent high standards that are understood and accepted by all.”
Ian Carruthers, Wincanton’s business unit director for fuels, commented: “Wincanton has around 450 tanker drivers, responsible for delivering over four billion litres of fuel across the UK, and the health and safety of our drivers, customers and the general public is of paramount importance.
“The significant milestone of over 5,800 petroleum driver passports issued should be celebrated since it provides evidence and assurance that Wincanton’s commitment to safety is now shared across the industry with the PDP ensuring a common core of tested knowledge and competence in the loading, driving and delivery of petroleum fuels.”