A commitment to work with regulators

Primary Authority Partnership 430

Warrington-based Certas Energy has entered into a primary authority partnership with Warrington Borough Council.
Introduced by the government in 2009, a primary authority partnership enables a local authority to work with a company to assist with compliance issues, provide advice and act as a point of contact for other authorities who enquire about the company.
“Certas Energy aims to lead the way in its compliance and governance regime and in the way that we interface with regulatory authorities and with our customers,” commented corporate affairs director, Brian Worrall.
“Joining Warrington Borough Council in this national partnership with Trading Standards ensures we have regular dialogue on any issues that arise, and this enables us to improve and refine our business practices for the benefit of all our stakeholders.”
Cllr David Keane, board member for environment and public protection, explained further:
“Through primary authority partnerships the council is able to give more consistent regulatory advice and enforcement for areas such as trading standards. The advice that we can give under the scheme also gives a business a level of legal protection and we can support on regulatory matters that protects those businesses in the event of any future regulatory disputes and assists them in making sure that any policies that they implement do not breach the law.
“Since its launch, Primary Authority has had a great amount of support and figures from October revealed over 1900 businesses are in partnerships with nearly 140 local authorities across the country.
“When a business chooses to enter a partnership it demonstrates a commitment to working with regulators.