Which? reports on heating oil prices

With the price of heating oil at a four-year low, Which? has taken another look at the heating oil market; a market that has seen a 23% fall in price between December 2013 and December 2014.
Fuel Oil News provided Price Totem information for the article in which OFTEC ‘suspects that prices will remain low at least until March, and may indeed continue to fall.’ The article also contains a table of comparative costs of different energies including renewables being used to heat a three-bedroom home.
Getting the best heating oil price
Figures from Fuel Oil News Price Totem (based on ordering 1,000 litres of kerosene heating oil) showed a drop from an average of 56p per litre in December 2013 to 43p in December 2014.
Looking more closely at heating oil prices, Which? got a small sample of quotes in January from online heating oil companies delivering to a postcode in the north and the south of England. On average, the price quoted was 39p per litre when ordering 1,000 litres of standard kerosene with standard delivery and a regular tanker.
Aimed at heating oil users, the guide highlights a number of ways to keep the costs of heating oil down.
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