BlueStream – “the Adblue storage and management solution”

OTS Adblue storage 200x200
The BlueStream MultiServ Station from OTS
BlueStream tank storage has been launched by Oil Tank Supplies (OTS) as the solution to the storage, dispensing and management of Adblue – used in the latest generation of commercial diesel vehicles for the removal of environmental pollutant, nitrous oxide.
To meet stricter EU exhaust emission regulations for commercial vehicles, the automotive industry has adopted several technologies. One is “selective catalytic reduction” (SCR), where harmful exhaust gases are converted to nitrogen and water by catalytic conversion.  Using this system, vehicles are fitted with an Adblue tank, from which the solution is injected into the engine exhaust stream immediately after the combustion chamber. Adblue consumption is between 4% and 6% of the diesel consumption.
Aimed at both fuel retailers and vehicle operators with their own fuel storage capabilities, the BlueStream range allows the option of dedicated single or multi-point Adblue dispensing, service bars including air, water and vacuum, and multi-serve points incorporating fuel options. Each comes with the option of “pay at pump” for retail forecourts and control via fuel management systems for commercial clients.
Adblue will be more widely used as new EU regulations take effect, says OTS. As a result, it will become a much more prominent feature at filling stations and vehicle depots, with the BlueStream range giving controlled storage, management and dispensing options.